AcDragonian Armed Forces

Service Branches

  • AcDragonian Army
  • AcDragonian Airforce
  • AcDragonian Marine Corps
  • AcDragonian Space Command
  • AcDragonian Navy


The Cube, Lieberman City, Central Ainogard
Commander-In-Chief Grand-General Thundra Orientail
Secretary of Defense Senator-General Chronicles Orientail
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Jale Falcons
Military Age

15 with Parental consent

18 for volunteer age

Maximum Age for Enlistment: 890 for the Army, 850 for the Marine Corps, 900 For the Navy, 835 For Space Command, 875 For Airforce

Available For Military Service

6,423,525,787 Males [Age 18-900] (2634 Census)

6,552,981,121 Females [Age 18-900] (2634 Census)

Fit For Military Service

5,834,112,195 Males [Age 18-900] (2634 Census)

6,003,144,267 Females [Age 18-900] (2634 Census)

Reaching Military Age Regularly

45,343,667 Males

46,993,292 Females

Active Personnel 7,344,632,010
Reserve Personnel 13,232,111,099
Percent of GDP 5.852 Trillion GCR

The AcDragonians are a subsection of the Dragonian people.


  • M8A1
    • A2 Modification
    • A3 Modification
    • A4 Modification
  • Quartz-25
  • M13 .42-cal Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • M13A2 .42-cal Automatic Pistol
  • M1818A2 "Rockhammer Shotgun"
  • MG342A1 "Calibastre SAW"
  • M2A4 "Carpenter Mk.II" Sniper Rifle
  • M54A3 "Craeler DMR"
  • FGK-65A "Brunhart Anti-Tank Rifle"
  • FGR-112A "Collapsible Rocket Launch System (CRLS)"
  • FIM-773E "Uppercut"
  • YM34A1 Energy Rifle
  • Helios AMR

Ground Vehicles

  • M22A3 Sentinel Main Battle Tank
  • M501A1 Stitcher AAV
  • M4 Torlan APC
  • M5 Sheridan IFV
  • M9 Callis 
  • M82 Logistical Support Vehicle
  • SM3-V12 Artillery Tractor
  • M999 Recovery Vehicle
  • M1012 MRLS
  • M1014 AMS

Air Vehicles

  • A-13 Bulldog
  • F-22 Talon
  • F-24 Screamer
  • A/F-33 Storm
  • A/F-35 Blitz
  • B-90 Ares
  • B-91 Athena
  • B-92 Zeus
  • AH-6R Drake
  • AH-94 Dragon
  • UH-25T Ghost

Space Vehicles

  • SF-223 Starfall
  • SH-422 Guardian
  • SU-413 Journey
  • CVN-Class Battlecruisers
  • DDM-Class Missile Destroyers
  • CA-Class Cruisers
  • CB-Class Cruisers
  • CC-Class Cruisers
  • FFG-Class Frigates

Discontinued Weapons

Arsenal Information

The AcDragonian arsenal was primarily composed of ancient weaponry used by the Terrans a millenium ago.  These weapons were found in databases when they were exiled from Dragonia after the Dragonian Civil War.

The standard issue service rifle for AcDragonian ground forces is the M8 assault rifle.  The M8 assault rifle is of Terran design and while a millenium old still, it is very reliable and gets the job done.

The rest of their arsenal, while taking odes to Terran practices are original creations.  The AcDragonians are also the first in the core planets to develop and even field a prototype of a man-portable Energy Rifle that uses plasma discharges instead of projectiles.