The AcDragonian Soldier

The AcDragonian soldier is the standard fighting personnel of the AcDragonian people.  The AcDragonian soldier is generally younger than a typical soldier in most armies with some soldiers being as young as 16.  During the AcDragonian War of Liberation on Dragonia, some troops were as young as 8 years old, being used a saboteurs they would plant mines on train tracks, landing strips and roads.  They would also put explosive in places where typical troops cannot reach.

The AcDragonian soldier is generally trained.  They don't excel at any one particular field, but they are trained to cover a wide variety of battlefield roles in order to quickly adapt to changing battlefield conditions.  This was a necessity forced on them during the War of Liberation as the Dragonian Grand Army was far better trained and organized than they were.  The AcDragonian soldier is trained to be mobile, effective and deadly with whatever they have on hand at the time.  This makes the AcDragonian forces very effective against heavily structured armies like the Grand Army and Lushanea.

Soldier Statistics

Average Age: 34

Age Range: 16-750

Average Kit Weight: 35kg

Average Service Length: N/A

Average Tour Length: 26 Years