Aegian Conflict
Date October 13th, 2601 - Present
Place Aegis
Dragon Alliance Extremists
AcDragonia Republic of AcDragonia

Flag of Corsair Republic of Corsair

Aided by:
Flag of Dragonia Dragonia

Commanders and Leaders
Dragon Alliance UFLA
AcDragonia Grand-General Thundra Orientail

AcDragonia Senator-General Celia Orientail
AcDragonia General Sam Falcons
AcDragonia General Holly Davidson
AcDragonia Lieutenant General Kevin Harkleon
AcDragonia Lieutenant General Sophia Randall
AcDragonia Major General Andra Armin
AcDragonia Brigadier General Thomas Sachs
Flag of Corsair Generalfeldmarshall Car-Lah Guderian

CEF UFLA Commander Tarik Ultman
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The Aegian Conflict is was a series of battles fought between AcDragonia and the Corsari Extremists that spread to and managed to gain a foothold on Aegis. The battles originally started out as a proxy war that began before the Corsari Conflict that the AcDragonians first fought as part of the terms of their agreement with the G.C.C. in order to settle on the planet. Technically the Aegian Conflict had been going on for just over 20 years although it picked up in intensity after the Corsari Conflict where the Dread Empire fractured into extremist groups and went to Aegis to consolidate their forces and renew the conflict against a possibly weaker enemy. That was an unfounded line of thinking as AcDragonia had vastly increased in military power during the 20 years since their first planet fall.

The United Front for a Liberated Aegis, or the Aegian Extremists as they are designated by the Dragon Alliance officially formed after the Corsari Conflict after receiving significant manpower from the reserves that escaped judgment following the conflict. Because of this, the movement acquired a number of commanders that were not killed or executed, giving the until then ineffective and semi-aimless group a clear direction and solid leadership.

This proved problematic for the AcDragonians as they were soon facing a fight on their homefront that, while not as serious as the Corsari Conflict, did have the potential to spiral into a catastrophe. These fears were realized as the UFLA were successful in capturing, rigging and detonating a medium yield nuclear weapon on Atrium Hill in the middle of the city of Atria. This resulted in the deaths for several thousand AcDragonian troops as well as unknown thousands of extremists. Civilian casualties were relatively low as most evacuated prior to the flare up in battle.

The UFLA also managed to hide the construction of a Grand Cannon. Although of an older and more imperfect design it allowed the UFLA to reach out and touch a number of cities with the ability to throw shells weighing up to 1500kg over 2200km. Luckily the UFLA didn't have the industrial capability to roll ammunition out at any regular pace so there weren't many shots, relatively speaking, that they used. Regardless, the shells that they did end up using had catastrophic effect everywhere they hit. The Aegian Alliance named the large section of land where this cannon was located "Hell's Corridor" due to the extremely heavy defenses and the semi-permanent cloud of toxic fumes generated from the six coal fired power plants that powered the entire complex, including the cannon. Due to the power of the Grand Cannon and it's ability to fire on an almost 180 degree arc relative to the ground, orbital strikes on the base weren't possible as the Grand Cannon had the ability to reach out and touch ships even in high orbit of the planet. Hell's Corridor had to be assaulted on foot.