Belinda Osprey
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2nd Blutritter Verteidigungskraft
In Position May 16th, 2604 - January 1st, 2605
Preceded by Generalmajor Karl Bachmann
Succeeded by Position Terminated
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Personal Details
Born July 20th, 2567
Spouse(s) Gunther Osprey
Children Melissa Osprey

Sophia Osprey
James Osprey

Nicknames Wild Cat
Military Service
Allegiance AcDragonia AcDragonia

Blood Knights Blood Knights

Service Branch 12th IPEF Drop Infantry
Years of Service 2585 - Present
Rank Colonel
Commands 12th IPEF Drop Infantry

2nd Blutritter Verteidigungskraft
8th Eisenritter
28th Eisenschutz

Battles/Wars Unknown
Awards No Awards

Belinda Osprey is a female Corsari soldier who previously served in the Blood Knights during the Corsari Conflict. She is one of a very few Blood Knights who were acquitted of terrorism charges and war crimes at the post war trials held by the Corsari Republic. Instead of spending her life in indentured servitude, Corsair handed Belinda over to the AcDragonians so that they may test a new technology on her called the Arc Dictator. Corsair also handed her over as part of a payment setup due to their aid during the war. Belinda's memories were uploaded into a digital mainframe and then Belinda's mind was completely wiped. Not knowing even her own name, she was held in captivity until the AcDragonian scientists fabricated new memories to place within her old ones to shaped her allegiances. The memories were replaced and Belinda Osprey was restored to her former self with some changes. She knew everything about her life up until the end of the Corsari Conflict and her being handed over to the AcDragonians but she saw the Blood Knights as an enemy as well as the Dread Empire, all of her commanders and anyone who she associated with in the Blood Knights; regardless of the history she may have shared with them. Belinda was the first test of the Arc Dictator and it was a wild success. Thundra Orientail recruited Belinda into the IPEF after this event.

Belinda is 69 years old, stands at 5' 4", has neck length blonde hair and gray eyes. Belinda is straight to the point and she takes her role as the commander of the 12th IPEF Drop Infantry seriously. She is primarily responsible for creating and directing the battle plans that the 12th undergoes and is used primarily as a bulwark force for the IPEF for extended operations and quick defense scenarios. Her motto is "In iron we clad our hearts, in blood we bathe our iron". In exchange for being cleared from war crimes that she was sure she would be convicted of simply by association, Belinda promised at least 40 years of military service to the AcDragonian military because it was Thundra's testimony during the war trials that spared her execution. While it is widely known that the Blood Knights were by and large murderous criminals and simply a terror force, the forces that Belinda commanded were comprised of average citizens and regular army troops that served as defense forces, so she was able to avoid the tragedies that the Blood Knights committed. Belinda was one of the Dread Empire commanders who turned against her former allies after the Black Dawn even as Belinda's family was killed because of it. Luckily for her, her husband and children survived.