Celia Michelle Roberts-Orientail
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Personal Details
Born April 23rd, 2572
Spouse(s) Thundra Orientail
Children Angela Amy Orientail
Nicknames Celo



Military Service
Allegiance AcDragonia AcDragonia

Flag of Dragonia Dragonia

Service Branch AcDrag Army AcDragonia Armed Forces

APA Flag AcDragonia People's Army

Years of Service 2602 - Present
Rank Senator-General Senator-General
Commands No Commands
Battles/Wars Operation Romeo Omega

Operation Crisis Wave
Operation Iron Shield
Battle of the Antica
Corsari Conflict
Reclamation of Geladrian
AcDragonian War of Liberation

Awards Crimson Heart

Celia Michelle Roberts-Orientail is a current Senator-General of Dragonia in the province of Ainogard.  As a Senator General, she is tasked with administration of the civilian sector of Ainogard in her husband, Thundra Orientail's stead.  Celia is a tall but slender woman, standing at 5'10", has blonde hair and gentle face.  Her eyes are a piercing blue color but they carry the weight of her experiences behind them.  She has a regenerated left leg that was severed below the knee when she tripped an IED while clearing a building during the Corsari Conflict.  Despite the regenerative treatments, she still occasionally has issues with her leg and will sometimes be seen leaning against her husband or some other object despite her best efforts to appear fully healthy in the public eye.  Celia has one daughter who is currently serving in the AcDragonian Military as a Combat Medic and officer. Thundra proposed to Celia after the Corsari Conflict and they were married after Celia's leg had been regenerated.

Celia originally didn't want to go into politics but she was pushed into it when Thundra was accepted as a Grand-General and her rank came with the territory.  She moved into her role as a quasi-politician well and she is the primary voice behind the AcDragonian people on Dragonia in the Executive Council.  Although she is more or less retired from active military service, Celia is still signed up with the reserves should she need to defend the homeland from invasion and she will also sometimes be seen wearing her military uniform during celebrations or holidays.  She makes regular rounds to bases stationed on the homefront and occasionally travels to Corsair for official business as the AcDragonian diplomat.