Chandelier Hyper-Industrial Corps
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Type Private
Industry Weapons Manufacturing
Foundation 2600
Founder Bianca Morleau
Current CEO Jennifer Morleau
Location Janis Star System
Origins Self
Services - Weapons Manufacturing

- Armor Development

Key People N/A
Area Served - Dragon Protectorate

- Artesian Federation

Products All Types of Military Armaments
Revenue 8.22 Trillion GCR
Operating Income 488.6 Billion GCR
Net Income 1.3 Trillion GCR
Employees 123,229 Manufacturing Personnel

11,626 Non-Manufacturing Personnel

Parent N/A
Divisions - Precision Aeronautics

- Dynamic Armor-Works

- Checkpoint Weapon Systems

Motto "Where design meets performance"
Dissolved Still Operating
Footnotes Purveyor of some of the most

high-tech weapons in the sector

The Chandelier Hyper-Industrial Corps is an armaments manufacturer based in the Janis Star System of the Scutum Crux arm in the Milky Way galaxy.  Chandelier is responsible for producing some of the most reliable and high-tech weapons on the market.  The weapons produced by Chandelier aim toward being easy to use, very accurate and most of all, deadly.  The top seller for Chandelier is their premier combat rifle, the Ch6P4.

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