Dragonian Civil War
Date May 12, 2600 - August 31, 2601
Place Dragonia
Divine Dragonian Empire AcDragonian Free State
Flag of Dragonia Grand Army (Sword Arm)

Flag of Dragonia Grand Army (Shield Arm)
Black Dragons
Flag of Dragonia Praetorian Guard
Flag of Dragonia Dragon's Claw
Flag of Corsair Corsair (Limited)
Local Police Forces

APA Flag AcDragonia People's Army

AcDragonian Partisans
Razorwind Militia

Commanders and Leaders
Divine Dragonian Empire AcDragonian Free State
Flag of Dragonia President Palmon Jack

Flag of Dragonia Grand-General Xan Kriegor
Flag of Dragonia Grand-General Genesin Sas Halberd
Flag of Dragonia Senator-General Olivia Hartman
Flag of Dragonia Senator-General Julian Paisley
Flag of Dragonia General James MacAllen
Flag of Dragonia General Michael Ambridge
Flag of Dragonia General George Stanson
Flag of Dragonia Lieutenant General Gavin Branch
Flag of Dragonia Lieutenant General Frederick Solas
Flag of Dragonia Major General Cindi Glover
Flag of Dragonia Brigadier General Richard Spike
Flag of Dragonia Brigadier General Horace Chesterfield

APA Flag Governor Aiden Denton

APA Flag Supreme Commander Thundra Orientail (Later)
APA Flag General Bradley Walters
APA Flag General Hope Venison
APA Flag General Samuel Wells
APA Flag General Meredith Hopkins
APA Flag Lieutenant General Thomas Walker
APA Flag Lieutenant General Reginald Atwood
APA Flag Major General Victor Edwards
APA Flag Brigadier General Kevin Harkleon

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The Dragonian Civil War, also known as the Insurrection by the Dragonian Empire and the War of Liberation by the AcDragonians was an internal conflict fought primarily on Dragonia between the Divine Dragonian Empire and it's allies against the AcDragonian rebels, their allies and several other loosely connected groups.  The Civil War began once Dragonia carried through plans to ship off anyone who violated the marriage laws as laid out in Imperial doctrine instead of outright killing them.  Though on the surface the plan seemed feasible, activity by the Black Dragons complicated matters into an explosive conflagration that resulted in a conflict of massive proportions.

The war came as a surprise to not only Dragonia itself but Dragonia's closest ally of Corsair as Dragonians had shown a remarkable sense of unity that appeared unbreakable on the outside.  The war shouldn't have been wholly unexpected as it was only natural for the Dragonian people to want to have the freedom to live how they choose, including marrying whoever they want and not be bound by archaic laws that no longer had any place in Dragonian society since they had long established themselves as a star system hyper power.  Given the relatively unmatchable power of the Grand Army one might think that an insurrection on Dragonia would be put down with an brutally unholy speed and the ones who fomented it would be executed within days however due to the sweeping nature of the Dragonian Purge, as the operation to re-educate and ship AcDragonians offworld became known as, quite a few very high ranking officials in the Imperial government and quite a few military Generals were also going to eventually be affected by it so they jumped ship into the AcDragonian movement before their time came. This infused the insurrection with an enormous amount of leadership both in the government side of things and the military and although a majority of their soldiers were grossly undertrained when put up against the Grand Army, there were a lot of them and the AcDragonian military did have reasonably competant leadership for what it was.