FGR-112A CLRS "Scale Peeler"
Type Man-Portable Multi-Purpose Rocket Launcher
Place of Origin APA Flag AcDragonian Free State
Service History
In Service 2600 - Present
Used by AcDragonia AcDragonia

Flag of Corsair Corsair
Flag of Dragonia Dragonia
Helix Security Solutions

Wars Unknown
Production History
Designed 2600
Manufacturer Stanson Mollard Craftworks
Produced 2600 - Present
Variants M1


Weight 18lb (8.16kg)
Length 63in (1600mm) - Extended Configuration

14in (355.6mm) - Collapsed Configuration

Barrel Length N/A
Cartridge 102x300mm R
Action Rocket-Assisted projectiles
Rate of Fire 6-10 Rounds Per Minute
Muzzle Velocity 985-1250 ft/s (300.2-381 m/s)
Feed System Back-loading swivel breach
Sights Unknown
The FGR-112A Collapsible Rocket Launch System, which also goes by the name Stanson-Mollard or Scale Peeler is a man-portable Anti-Armor/Anti-Infantry rocket launching system modelled heavily on the Dragonian Sucker Punch AT Launcher. The CLRS is currently in it's 4th Generation as of 2635.  The documented AcDragonian name when issuing the weapon is the M4SP FGR-112A CLRS.  In the GCC the weapon is called the M4 Multi-Role Anti-Material Bunker Buster (MRAM-BB).  On Corsair it's known as the PzF 102 4A1 (Panzerfaust 102mm version 4, 1st model), the Schwerer Lanze (Heavy Lance), or Schwerer Panzerfaust.

The M4SP fires 102mm rocket-assisted projectiles from a reusable tube that loads rounds through a back breach connected via a swivel mechanism.  In order to load the launcher the operator needs to unlock the back portion of the tube located 18 inches from the trigger assembly and sharply pull to the left, which will release the seal on the tube and enable the operator to load another rocket into the device.  What differentiates this weapon from other nations is that it is constructed using a segmented series of Dragon-Steel modules connected using a flexible structure that allows the operator to physically collapse the weapon from a 1.6m tube to a 14inch tube.  This is accomplished by using reinforced Dragon-Steel segments and are built to be able to flex outward slightly allowing each successive segment to slide overtop of the next segment in the series.  The front end of the weapon can be slightly collapsed, the middle of the weapon which contains the forward grip and the trigger assembly can be slightly collapsed up to 3 inches between the two grips but the greatest collapsible part is the back end, which has the most empty space for the rocket.  All in all, this marvel of weapons engineering allowed for the fast moving AcDragonians to get these weapons in places during the Dragonian Civil War that weren't typically practical.  They were terrifyingly effective at taking out Dragonian tanks.