In the Devine Dragonian Empire, a Grand-General is the highest rank and social position attainable by an individual, with a pay grade of O-15.  Because Dragonia is an extremely militaristic society, the Grand-General also sets the course for the Nation-State they are appointed to.  This effectively makes the Grand-General both a military leader and a civilian administrator of sorts.  Grand-Generals are equivalent to basically the Commander-In-Chief of a Nation-State's armed forces as well as a de facto "President".  Unlike in other militaries, the rank of Grand-General is in use year round with no special situation requiring their activation.



Statutory Limits

The Dragonian Military Code limits the number of Grand-Generals that may be appointed at any given time.  The total number of Grand-Generals is capped at 1 per Nation-State.  For a Grand-General to be appointed, the Nation-State must have a fully established and equipped Defense Force with the current Commanding General displaying an above average ability to both organize the armed forces and lead the Nation-State alongside the Imperial Governor which is in the position as leader of the Nation-State until a Grand-General can be named, if ever.