Grand Army (Sword Arm)
Active December 14th, 1483 - Present
Country Flag of Dragonia Dragonia
Allegiance Dragonian Citizenry
Type Army
Role Multi-Theater Military Warfare
Size 38,544,870 Active Personnel

86,955,555 Reserve Personnel

120,500,425 Total Personnel

265,000 Aircraft

65 Space-based Warships

Part Of Department of Retribution
Motto "Not even the Gods can stop us"
Colors Red, Black
March "Crushing Our Foes Beneath Us"
Anniversaries Unknown
Engagements Unknown
Secretary Director Glenn Tallenbaum
Chief of Staff Grand-General Genesin Sas Halberd
Vice Chief of Staff Senator-General Sabina Evans
Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Benjamin Grass

The Sword Arm of the Dragonian Grand Army is one half of the greater Grand Army and is primarily responsible for conducting war operations outside of planetary and home star system boundaries.  They are also responsible for carrying out retaliatory strikes against aggressors and even carrying out retribution wars as per the Doctrine of the Dragon.  The Sword Arm receives the most funding out of the two arms and also receives advanced equipment and experimental tech first.  Most of the Dragonian Battle Fleet is centered in the Sword Arm.  The Sword Arm also has control of the Space Catapult. The current commander of the Sword Arm of the Grand Army is Grand-General Genesin Sas Halberd.

The Sword Arm of the Grand Army is capable of murderous military might with recorded instances of them destroying established and well equipped military powers in very short order. The primary method of combat for the Sword Arm is a mix of an extreme shock and awe approach with rapid mobilization and movement when the need calls for it, although this is rare. Due to the sheer firepower possessed by the Sword Arm, they more often then not just smash into the enemy and overwhelm them with unimaginable violence. This makes the Sword Arm very unsuited to insurgent warfare and hit and run conflicts as their approach would give way to unacceptable civilian casualties and collateral damage. The Sword Arm is most always deployed away from home either securing the Dragonian sphere of influence, expanding the sphere of influence, providing relief and support to allies and refugees of wars that Dragonia is involved in, or carrying out battle operations against Dragonian enemies. The Sword Arm is currently focusing a substantial portion of their war efforts to the Argod System where homeworld of the Empire of Lushanea is located. A portion of the Sword Arm was briefly recalled to Dragonia to put an end to the AcDragonian threat after a nuclear weapon was used by the rebels during the Dragonian Civil War.