Helix Security Solutions
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Type Private
Industry Private Security Services Contractor
Foundation September 16, 2636
Founder Samuel Gray
Current CEO Samuel Gray
Location Dragon Protectorate
Origins Self-Created PMC / No Parent Entity
Services Security Management

Full-Service Risk Management Consulting
Mercenary Services
Black Ops Services

Key People Samuel Gray
Area Served Vixa System
Products Security Services

Close Quarter Training
Combat Support
Mercenary Services
Medical Services
Black Ops Services
Special Forces Services

Revenue 1.31 Trillion GCR
Operating Income 735.4 Billion GCR
Net Income 322 Billion GCR
Employees Non-Combatants: 12,654

Direct Combatants: 86,020
Security Contractors: 133,544
Special Forces/Black Ops: 2,200

Parent N/A
Divisions 64th Support Army - Direct Combat

83rd Security Apparatus - Mercenary Corps
Stellar Angels - Medical Services
Situational Provisions - Risk Management
Rockwell Industries - Security Management
Phase Division Elite - Black Ops
Precision Solutions - Special Forces

Motto Holding Your World Together
Dissolved Still Operating
Footnotes Performs Black Ops for those who can afford it

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