Jason Terwiliger
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Personal Details
Born March 16th, 1414
Spouse(s) Miley Terwiliger
Children Jennifer Terwiliger

James Terwiliger
Benjamin Terwiliger
Sophia Terwiliger

Nicknames The Silver Dragon

Bane of Lushanea
The Great One

Military Service
Allegiance Old Flag of Dragonia Dragonia
Service Branch Old Flag of Dragonia Dragonian Army
Years of Service 1430 - 1782
Rank Grand-General Grand-General
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Jason Mikael Terwiliger was a Dragonian war hero that served with distinction through the First Lushanean Incursion all the way up to his death in 1782. Jason died at 368 years of age to wounds sustained while in battle with Lushanean forces in the Mitra System. Jason Terwiliger was the first ever Dragonian Grand-General and was responsible for the radical social engineering that shaped the history of the Dragonian people. Jason was considered by many to be next in line for the Dragonian Presidency after Gabriel Helmsman's death in 1688 but Jason declined the position, stating that his place was on the frontlines with his men, leading by example and showing the galaxy what it means to be Dragonian. To that end, Jason Terwiliger remained a Grand-General. Jason was the only Grand-General up until the year 1700, where the Dragonian Council of Elders chose to split the Dragonian Army into two separate but equally powerful branches, the Sword Arm and the Shield Arm of what would become the Dragonian Grand Army. Jason was elected to lead the Sword Arm of the Grand Army. Jason had a direct say in the appointment a second Grand-General to lead the Shield Arm.