Flag Kaledon
Motto Disciplined. Faithful. Unified.
Anthem When Men Become Gods
Capital Armalee
Largest City Armalee
Official Languages Kaledonian

Galactic Standard

National Language Kaledonian
Denonym Kaledonian
President Grand Leader Gerald Monica-Stanford
Vice President Second Leader Niles Van Archebrechium
Provincial Leaders Governor Lucinda Monica-Stanford

Governor Brett Hall
Governor Artemis Villier
Governor Charles Stockman
Governor Travis Sinclair

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Kaledon is a Unified-Planet State centered in the middle of the Norma Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.  It is also at the head of the Kaledon empire which is an enormous empire that spans thousands of light years, expanding into the tail end of the Orion Spur, the Outer Arm and the very tail of the Sagitarrius arm.  In the Galactic Domain, only 100 light years separate the Dragon Protectorate from Kaledon in a region known as dead space.  Shortly after the fall of the GPOT-C, Kaledon began encroaching into other areas to expand their empire, preferrably through non-violent means as a way to keep the possibility for rebellion down, although this didn't always go as planned.  The Kaledon Empire controls a truly staggering military with an estimated 13.5 billion active military personnel and an enormous navy comprised of tens of thousands of ships.  Although most of the ships are smaller than battleships, they aren't to be underestimated.  The Kaledonian empire has seen heavy technological advancement in some areas but curiously they have seen technological stagnation in others, such as their space navy which still uses projectile based weapons on a vast majority of their ships.