A Long Rifleman, LR or colloquially known as a Distance Whacker is a soldier assigned to each squad in the AcDragonian military.  The Long Rifleman fills the gap between a Sniper and the Designated Marksman.  A Long Rifleman qualifies for the position by scoring in the top 3% of soldiers in the Army Marksmanship Trials but also by scoring in the top 15% of the Long Range Distance Trials upon request of their Drill Sergeant or squad Sergeant.  Upon completion of both criterion, a soldier is awarded certification as a Long Rifleman and can be issued a Carpenter Sniper Rifle to use in the field.

A Long Rifleman is not a sniper.  They are not trained for reconnaissance or HVT elimination.  Their primary role is to eliminate enemy combatants with precision fire at much longer engagement distances than is typical for an infantry squad.  Because of their extra training in measuring typical distance-altering variables such as wind, planetary rotation, gravity, humidity and temperature they are prime candidates for Sniper School after procuring enough credits to pay for the classes or after being recommended by their platoon's Lieutenant.