Career Flag of Dragonia
Namesake Gearhart's mother
Ordered December 22, 2629
Builder Delaria Space Industries
Laid Down March 3rd, 2630
Launched August 16th, 2633
Commissioned August 17th, 2633
Decommissioned Still Operating
Motto "To us, even the Gods bend their knees"
Nickname The End of Eternity
Honors and Awards Unknown
Fate Still Operating
Status Active
Notes The Aegian System's most powerful ship
General Characteristics
Class and Type Cynocephalus-class Destruction Carrier
Weight Unknown
Length Unknown
Body Width Unknown
Bow Width Unknown
Bow Height Unknown
Stern Width Unknown
Stern Height Unknown
Cruising Speed Unknown
Super-Relativistic Speed Unknown
Complement Unknown
Armament Unknown
Armor Unknown
Vehicles Carried Unknown
The Maridia is the name of the first of a new class of ship called a Destruction Carrier.  The ship is larger and much more heavily armored than even a super battleship.  It is far more heavily armed than the aforementioned ship carrying a dizzying array of heavy calibur cannons, point defenses, missile batteries and launch tubes and several types of energy based weapons ranging from short-range defensive cannons to long-range Stab Cannons built for killing enemy ships.  The Maridia is the only ship in the known galaxy that possesses a Space-Bending engine at the time of it's constuction, allowing it to travel almost anywhere within the blink of an eye.

The ship is far more advanced than ships in the Dragonian Grand Army and the Aegian System as a whole, carrying ship-based plasma weaponry that isn't yet produced in the sector.  This make repairs of the ship more difficult than is normal with ships in the sector.  The ship was not produced in-system and had extensive funding and design input from the GPOT-C and their shipyards as well as technology from other places that have yet to be identified.  The Maridia runs using an experimental Dark-Energy Reactor which provide the Destruction Carrier with near limitless amounts of energy.  The ship is also equipped with an energy shield generator that will emit energy shields in a bubble around the ship which, combined with the power output of the Dark-Energy Reactor, can absorb tremendous amounts of punishment before emitter failures occur.

This experimental reactor also allows for another piece of Xenotech to function on the ship; the Bloody Knuckle, which is capable of skewering a small moon in a single shot.