M11A3 Quartz-25 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Place of Origin AcDragonia AcDragonia
Service History
In Service 2602-present
Used by AcDragonia AcDragonia
Wars Unknown
Production History
Designed 2602
Manufacturer Coleman Development Industries
Produced 2602-present
Variants See variants.
Weight 8.5lb (3.86kg)
Length 43.5in (1100mm)
Barrel Length 24in (609.6mm)
Cartridge 7.62x63mm QR-Special
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of Fire 60-75 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity ~925 m/s (see variants)
Feed System 8-round en-bloc clip, internal magazine
Sights Flip-up Iron Sights

1x Red-Dot Sight

2x Red-Dot Scope

1x Holographic Sight


M11A3 Quartz-25 SAR

The M11A3 Quartz-25 is a Semi-Automatic rifle created by Coleman Development Industries as the standard issue service rifle of the AcDragonian armed forces.  After being relocated from Dragonia, Thundra Orientail brought along a large amount of data-files from the Dragonian technology banks, but unfortunately none of those files contained any of the current weapons schematics and vehicle designs used by them.  This archive contained weapons from human antiquity and among them was the venerable M1 Garand rifle used in the mid-20th century.  This rifles design was taken and replicated, being redesigned in the process to accomodate sights, superiorly constructed internal mechanics and a cost-effective body.

Because the design was already complete and the only thing that needed changed was the individual internal parts, it was capable of being ready for mass production months after individual work began on the weapon, this included testing. 

The Quartz-25 retains the En-Bloc clip and internal magazine that the M1 Garand does and it even makes the same signature pinging noise when the clip is ejected.  The rounds used in the clip are the same size as the M1 Garand with the major differing feature being that the rounds are quartz tipped.  These quartz tipped rounds have a tendancy to shatter when they strike harder objects which make them a grizzly anti-personnel round as the shards of quartz will tear into the internal surrounding flesh of a target in every direction which make battlefield mending of the wound impossible as it requires radically invasive surgery to repair the damage caused by the quartz tip.  Because the quartz occasionally shatters, it also causes the bullet it was attached to to tumble inside the target as the counter-force of the breaking quartz redirects the energy of the bullet, causing further damage to the target.  The Quartz-25 can be equipped with a bayonet that attaches to the barrel where the weapon can also be fired with bayonets attached.



A short barrel version of the Quartz-25 Semi-Automatic rifle.  This weapon is used primarily by stormtroopers because of its power and ability to hold enemies off at reasonable distance.  The shorter barrel lowers the overall weight of the gun but also lowers the effective range and muzzle velocity.

Weight 7.75lb (3.51kg)
Length 33.5in (850.9mm)
Barrel Length 14in (355.6mm)
Cartridge 7.62x63mm QR-Special
Rate of Fire 60-75 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity ~875m/s


The D-variant of the Quartz-25 is used to fill the Designated Marksman role in a squad.  The Quartz-25D has a longer barrel than the standard Quartz-25 and uses a specially designed 5x magnification scope developed for the D-variant.

Weight 9.3lb (4.21kg)
Length 47.5in (1206.5mm)
Barrel Length 28in (711.2mm)
Cartridge 7.62x63mm QR-Special
Rate of Fire 60-75 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity ~980 m/s