RIM-223B Tyrann
Type Strategic SSIGM
Service History
In Service 2633 
Used By Corsair Inter-Planetary Space Navy
Production History

General Dynamics Aero-Space Division

Unit Cost ~ 5.8 Billion Credits
Weight 32,500kg
Length 9.81 m


2.35 m
Warhead 983 Pt W223-A2 (4.1 XJ)
Detonation Mechanism

Air-Burst Timed Fuse /

Time Delayed Proximity Fuse


Single-Stage Liquid Propellant w/ thrust nozzles

Vector tubes for course correction

Operational Range 12,000,000 km (1,200,000 km sensor range)
Guidance System Infrared Pulse Guidance (IRPG)
Accuracy 13 m

The RIM-223 Tyrann, or Tyrant in Corsain is a long-range anti-ship missile developed using a Supernova Core instead of a typical Thermonuclear weapon.  The sole purpose of this missile is to break space naval blockades.  The RIM-223 is a Space-Ship Launched Intercept Guided Missile deployed much like a standard torpedo.  It is fired from a launch tube at the target area after the information is loaded into it via the weapons console onboard the ship it's stored in.  The weapon will then make automatic corrections based on its trajectory based on anything that appears within its sensor range to avoid colliding with something before it gets to its intended target.  When time is more of an issue, the missile can be programmed to use a Time-Delayed Proximity Fuse (TDPF) instead of the traditional Time-Delay fuse, which is more preferable as it can explode in a very precise moment.  The Proximity Fuse risks the missile coming into contact with another, undesirable object and thus expending its payload and therefore destroying the missile.  Originally the missile also included a remote-control detonator, but that was removed when concerns of jamming the connection with the missile became apparent.