Saelan Corps
Active May 1st, 2566 - Present
Country Flag of Corsair Corsair (2605 - Present)

Dread Empire Dread Empire (2566 - 2605)

Allegiance Corsari Citizenry
Type Army
Role Multi-Theater Military Warfare
Size Unknown
Part Of Corsari 2nd Army
Motto "Our eyes are open."
Colors Unknown
March Across The Line
Anniversaries Unknown
Engagements Unknown
Secretary Unknown
Chief of Staff Unknown
Vice Chief of Staff Unknown
Sergeant Major Unknown

The Saelan Corps is a theater strength military unit originally created during the rise of the Dread Empire. Currently the Saelan Corps is apart of the Corsari PDF and serves as a vanguard force for use in planetary defense and home system military operations. It is not uncommon for large parts of the Saelan Corps to be sent along with the ISF in order to bolster forces where needed.

The Saelan Corps was first created during the rise of the Dread Empire. The Saelan Corps is actually a portmanteau of two words "Sael" which is the first part of the Sael Lochs, which is a large chain of lochs located between the Sael supermountain chain and a shortened version of "Landrau", which was the commander who commissioned the corps of soldiers. Literally the name of the Corps can be translated "Landrau's Corps from the Sael Lochs". Despite the incorporation of the Blood Knights into the Saelan Corps during the Corsari Conflict, the Saelan Corps remained a regular army that remained in good standing according to the rules of war. They were not apart of the Black Dawn catastrophe nor did they commit war crimes as a method of warfare. Although there were soldiers that were convicted of war crimes and usually executed by their own men according to the codes of justice they followed. The Saelan Corps turned against the Dread Empire en masse after the Black Dawn event.

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