Sector 43


Sector 43

Service Branch



Hyperion, IPEF Commandship
Creation Date: 2620
Operational Type Black Ops
Commanding Officer General Zero
Active Personnel

200 (On ship)

Reserve Personnel 0



Sector 43 is an ultra-secretive black-ops branch in the Inter-Planetary Expedition Force. Sector 43 is named after the location on the Hyperion of which they were conceived by General Zero.

Their existence is completely hidden from everyone except Zero himself and those inside the unit. They are used primarily for handling missions that would otherwise be deemed politically sensitive, treasonous, or outright belligerent if done by a conventional force.  The missions undertaken by Sector 43 include assassinations, sabotage, kidnapping, war mongering and other illicit activities.

Sector 43 is also used in cases where an assassination of an allied VIP must be carried out in order end a conflict which would otherwise continue because of egos or political play.  The operators in Sector 43 leave absolutely no trace behind when they arrive and no trace when they leave.  They have no arsenal, using whatever weapons are available to the area of operations and only then when needed.  It is preferrable to them to use means of dispatch that look completely natural when observed scientifically, such as quick metabolizing poison.

Recruitment to Sector 43 is completely happenstance. There are no formal processes as Sector 43 technically does not exist.  Usually the operators are selected from the best of the best of the best of the best and they normally already work in special operations or have participated in a black op at some point or another in their careers.  The Operators of Sector 43 are required, under penalty of death to maintain a vow of secrecy and have to be willing, if captured, to completely vaporize themselves and any effects with them in order to maintain the secrecy of the group.

The group is so secret, even Grand-General Thundra Orientail, the Captain and commanding officer of the Hyperion and the IPEF, respectively, does not know of their existence, nor does any of his top officers.

Arsenal Information

Sector 43 does not have an arsenal.  The only things they use are weapons that are located and able to be procured in the area of operation.  They also use many poisons and substances that mimic natural causes of death to avoid drawing suspicion on their operations.