The Hive

The Hive is a massive collection of various species located all throughout the galaxy that in some way or another were predatory in their nature.  Not a single entity, the Hive collective ran into disciplinary problems due to the species coming into contact with one another as they had the perpetual urge to attempt to prey on the other species in the Hive.  This was kept in check by the domineering psionic presence of the Grand Overseer; the supreme overlord of the entire Hive collective.  The Grand Overseer links the Hive together through a Hive Mind, allowing them all to communicate without the need for words which more or less solved the issues with predation upon one another as they could now see they were on the same side.

The Hive in and of itself, although a collection of predatory species really didn't come into it's own until the Hive came across the planet of Malenare, where a bipedal species known as the Malenarans lived.  Possessing very powerful frames and extraordinary strength, the Malenarans were eventually assimilated into the Hive when the Grand Overseer reached out to them with promises of power and conquest.  The Malenarans were a class 3 species, meaning they had organization, government and a functioning economy and they were highly intelligent.  The Hive forces now possessed a species that could interface with technology and use a very wide variety of weapons and ships and it was at this time that the Hive set out on their quest to conquer anything they could get their sights on.


The Hive arsenal orginally was a collection of improvised and stolen weapons from the planets that they conquered.  As they began to intercept and outright plunder technology from other races and most importantly humans, the Hive began to make extreme advances in technology.  A lot of the Hive weapons are characteristically black with dark purple or green accents on the weapons.  The Malenarans began to construct their own weapons using the Hive foundries and they came up with the Obsidian Pistol and the Shard Rifle, which use Obsidian as ammunition for cutting through heavy armor and flesh with staggering ease.