Xan Kriegor
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Supreme Commander of the

Shield Arm of the Grand Army

In Position September 30th, 1732 - Present
Preceded by Grand-General Marshall Amari
Succeeded by N/A
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Personal Details
Born Unknown
Spouse(s) N/A
Children N/A
Nicknames Krieg

Warmaster Sovereign

Military Service
Allegiance Flag of Dragonia Dragonia
Service Branch Flag of Dragonia Shield Arm of the Grand Army
Years of Service August 10th, 1699 - Present
Rank Grand-General Grand-General
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Grand-General Xan Krieger, the Warmaster Sovereign, is a Grand-General of the Divine Dragonian Empire. Xan Krieger is also the supreme commander of the Shield Arm of the Grand Army and is responsible for the defense of Dragonia and all territories located within the home system of Aegis and beyond for approximately 1 light year. Arguably, between Xan Krieger and Genesin, Xan Krieger has the most important position of the two even though the Sword Arm of the Grand Army is given priority in the order of operations of the military. This is argued because Xan Krieger is directly responsible for defense of the Dragonian homeworld. Xan Krieger is also responsible for coordinating war efforts with system allies and providing aid as necessary. Xan Krieger's tactical prowess was on full display during the Corsari Conflict.

Xan Krieger is not human. He is a scientific marvel that Dragonian scientists have not been able to decipher. Xan Krieger is a 3 1/2 meter tall robotic construct and recognizes himself as his own master. No one knows Xan Krieger's origins except that he appeared in Dragonian history texts dating back almost a thousand years and since those mentions in the text he has been involved with the Grand Army. Some speculate, due to his extremely deep knowledge pool that he was once a human that transferred his consciousness into a robotic machine but as Dragonia, still to this day, doesn't have the technology capable of doing this he is believed to be from another system. While this would normally draw fears that he is a trojan horse sent to strike at Dragonia from within there have been absolutely no actions from Xan Krieger that would suggest he is. Xan is fiercely loyal to Dragonia and places his duty as a Grand-General above everything else.

Xan Krieger operates based on the principles of pure probability and logic. Xan does not factor emotions into his decisions, making him appear dispassionate, cold and sometimes heartless. Xan Krieger indeed has feelings and can feel empathy, but he can distinctly switch those feelings off as he has carefully segmented his personality in his robotic brain. Because of this, Xan makes his decision based on the outcomes he predicts based on thousands upon thousands of factors. If a decision will not yield a favorable result, he may or may not take action based on what the consequences of that action might be. Because of this, the Shield Arm tends to be slightly rigid in operation, making them slightly predictable in their operations as they tend not to deviate from their battle plans to any real extremes. This caused Xan Krieger issues during the Dragonian Civil War and the Corsari Conflict until he accepted the AcDragonian's help in reforming the Shield Arm to make it a much more flexible fighting force.